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March 10, 2019  The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

 Welcome to my review of this book by Matthew Kelly

To orient us to this book, the biggest lie he will review is that “holiness is not possible”.  This is placed in the context of many lies we tell ourselves, the world and what the world tells us. 

Chapter 1 speaks about the puzzle of the world map being made by his child because of the picture of a person on the back side.  If we can get ourselves right – then our world can come together.   Obviously too if we are to get Jesus right in our life that same world will come together.

Chapter 2 speaks about happiness but in ways that we often do not speak about.  I’ve heard in the seminary that what he is speaking about is joy which isn’t all ha-ha but is a sense of being centered even when we are under difficult circumstances.  There is a great check list for our reflection on page 7.  Which point resonates most with you?

Chapter 3 enters into the false promises of today’s world.  We can’t make it more than a half hour through our day without having an e-mail or phone call that is a scam.  What lie that you were told recently most angers you and why?

Chapter 4 speaks to us about the lies we tell ourselves.  On page 17 he translates the Latin expression “to be rather than to seem to be”.  How is the image you project to the world different than your reality (well-being, interests, emotions, and thoughts)?  The devil is trying to do this to Jesus in the desert and Jesus is able to remember his identity as a son of God – his identity as being holy.

Chapter 5 is a review of lies about Christianity.  This list is covered in other settings in other books so he keeps this review brief here.

Chapter 6 then starts the biggest lie.  Before we get too deep into this, let us really internalize what comes in the first 5 chapters.  This is the exercise of Lent as we go out into the desert – to annually stabilize ourselves amidst the pressures and lies of the world and in our selves.

The most basic thing we can do is take time in prayer to really listen to your feelings and put some basic names on them.  We need great honesty which requires courage to see things, even our feelings, as they are.  We can slowly consider where these feelings connect to other people or ideas floating through our brains.  When we make these connections we not only get insight but we also find peace.  God loves helping us in this journey – so remember to ask God to walk with you through your honest review of your true feelings and ideas.


March 17, 2018

For those of you who are ahead of me in reading this book, here is a reflection sent to me by a fellow reader.  If you have insights please send them to [email protected].  Fr. Mike


I just finished Chapter 7 and am intrigued by Holy Moments. I have marked so much in this chapter but my biggest takeaway is "every time you grow in character and become a better version of yourself, you are living a Holy Moment." My prayer to this would be, Father I am putty in your hands. Guide me and show me Holy Moments Lord so I can become a better version of myself. Amen. 

Kim Rusch